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Verse Comics USA (VCU) is based out of Detroit, MI. VCU's focus is developing the most diverse, compelling, and unique stories imaginable in the graphic novel and comic book formats. We also aim to turn these completed works into motion comics, animated series, and films through our parent company Strait City Productions.

Every member of the VCU team works together to bring vision and voice to the untold stories of the world—a mission we undoubtedly strive to fulfill in the most meaningful and evocative ways imaginable.

B. Van Randall, the founder of SCP and VCU, is an alumnus of Wayne State University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in Creative Writing and Film Studies. His passion for writing (particularly writing for stage and screen) has inspired his ambitions to go beyond the pages of traditional literature and turn his stories into visual masterpieces via film. He continues to create and explore the limitless ideas for literature and film in hopes to educate and inspire all who R.E.A.D. and consume the content of Verse Comics and Strait City Productions.

B. Van Randall

Founder & Lead Creator, Writer, Content Developer, and Director.

Jarel Threat

Director of Art & Lead Illustrator.

Alton James

Director of Music & Sound
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