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Detroit, Urban, Survival, Training… also known as D.U.S.T

Forged as an answer to the evil that knocks on the doors of the vulnerable…

Led by Commander Brown…

This elite outfit’s training, tactics, and successes against dark forces led to their induction into the government-led task force known as the A.D.T.F.

Over the years, droves of Commander Brown’s operatives, with their corrupted minds and hearts, succumbed to the allure of the Trekken, who irrevocably turned them into vile creatures known as Tricksters.

To defeat the Trekken, Commander Brown and his wife, Lt. Commander Mirela Brown, recruit five children to train whose minds and hearts are almost impenetrable by the Trekken.

How long will they be able to resist? How long will they survive? Will Commander and Lt. Commander Brown's plan work? Or will the Trekken continue to wreak havoc on mankind across the planet?

Find out by pre-ordering your copy of Issue 1 today?



  1. Main cover.
  2. Purchasing automatically enters you into a drawing to be a character in the next issue!
  3. You will receive the eBook version of Issue 1.


The official release date has been pushed back. The new release date will be announced after the Kickstarter campaign for D.U.S.T. at Dusk has concluded. Hard copies will be shipped no later than 21 days after the release date. Verse Comics USA maintains the right to push the release date back for any reason.

This product is nonrefundable once it has been shipped.

The perks and incentives listed above will not be offered after the official release date has passed.

$5.99 USD

A graphic novel series created and written by B. Van Randall (Illustrated by Duddy Pratama).


Fear, distrust of the government and political bipartisan squabbles have caused all of the states of the original union to secede. Each state is now its own country and each city is now its own state. Each country has developed its own cryptocurrency as its national currency. For the People’s Republic of Michigan the national currency is Michicoin.

The Neo Civil War of Secession has left many of the people of the People’s Republic of Michigan in a state of destitution. Displaced citizens scramble to survive as warlords, crime bosses, former military leaders and heads of notorious street gangs claim districts within the state of Detroit to rule with apparent sovereignty. The citizens suffer at the hands of these self-appointed rulers with seemingly no relief or advocacy.

A ruthless crime boss turned supreme ruler, Summa Domhnall Wynn, has founded the Xagon district. Wynn has used his ruthless gang members, turned military fighting force, to inflict genocide. His mission is to ensure that Xagon district maintains its power and that he maintains control over the district.

But, in the midst of absolute despair, there is hope. There is a young boy named Kamran Khan, who possesses a unique gift that if discovered would be a threat to him and his family. Kamran's gift could liberate those living under the oppressive reign of the Summa and the Suol.

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